Life Of A Quadriplegic

Below is a list of videos from my series titled, "Life Of A Quadriplegic." These videos go in to detail about my accident, as well as what my life has been like since then.

LOAQ Podcast

New for 2019 is the Life Of A Quadriplegic podcast! This is a weekly podcast series that goes even further into detail than the YouTube videos do.

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  1. LOAQ - The Accident
    This introductory video briefly explains the tragic event that rendered Austin a quadriplegic.
  2. LOAQ - Hospitals & Surgeries
    This is the second video in my Life Of A Quadriplegic series. This time i talk about hospitals and surgeries.
  3. LOAQ - Rehab
    In the 3rd installation of my "LOAQ" series I discuss my experiences at rehab.
  4. LOAQ - Incident Location
    For my seven year post-injury anniversary, I took a trip to the location where my accident took place. It was the first time I have been there since. I wanted to film and share that experience with all of you. Enjoy!
  5. Rookie & Austin's First Motivational Speech
    Rookie Sorenson and Austin Charters take on their first motivational speaking event at High Desert Premier Academy, in Apple Valley, California. We both want to give a huge thank you to Mrs. Brock and her staff for allowing us to come an be a part of their event.
  6. LOAQ - Parasailing Lake Tahoe
    Decided to try parasailing while on vacation in South Lake Tahoe this summer. We weren't sure how it was going to work with my limited movement, but with the help of the Captain and Rafal Bogowolski everything went smoothly. Huge thank you to them and everyone else at Zephyr Cove!
  7. Life Of A Quadriplegic - iFly Ontario
    Indoor skydiving with a few of my friends at iFly in Ontario California.
  8. Life Of A Quadriplegic - We Went Skydiving!!!
    Take a look at our day as Cole, Owen, Johnny and I jump out of a perfectly good airplane at 13,000 feet!
  9. Life Of A Quadriplegic - I GOT BAPTIZED!!!
    10 weeks ago I signed up for an in depth bible study course with 9 other dudes I’ve never met before. I’ve been bitter and angry towards God for some time now (for many different reasons) and I knew I needed a change. 10 weeks later and I can say that not only are the guys in my group friends, they’re family! Here, our Rooted group celebrated our accomplishments and a few of us (myself included) even got baptized. I know I’m not perfect and I will make plenty of mistakes along the way, but I can’t wait to see what God does for me and each and every one of us!
  10. Life Of A Quadriplegic - Exploring The Desert
    Normally this isn't the type of video I would upload to this channel, but I had such a fun time out with family and friends that I thought I would share what little footage I had with all of you guys! Enjoy!
  11. Life Of A Quadriplegic - Happy Easter!!!
    HE is Risen! Happy Easter and God Bless!
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  13. Life Of A Quadriplegic - Physical Therapy
    A little glimpse into my physical therapy and how I try and stay healthy!
  14. Life Of A Quadriplegic - DOSE Concert
    Went down to 1720 Warehouse in Los Angeles to watch my friends from the band Dose perform. Check them out on Instagram @dose_music
  15. Life Of A Quadriplegic- New Tattoo!!!
    One step closer to finishing my second sleeve. Watch and see how my typical tattoo appointment goes. Artist: @obed_tattooist
  16. Life Of A Quadriplegic - Vegas SX 2018
    Took a day trip up to Las Vegas to watch the final round of Supercross. It was a hot but good day!
  17. Life Of A Quadriplegic - Warped Tour 2018
    Join me and my friend Damian as we venture through the fairgrounds in Pomona, Ca. during the final warped tour!
  18. Austin's Mystery Giveaway!!!
    I know this video is slightly vague, but I promise if you follow my clues on instagram @c5roller, it'll be well worth it!!!
  19. I WROTE A BOOK!!! | CreateSpace Unboxing
    I'm so happy to announce the publishing date for my first novel, Rolling Home. It will be available to the public October 1, 2018. More info on the book itself will be released in a later video. Pre-sale:
  20. Redneck Remodel
    Wheeling through a wall is pretty cool I guess ;)